Getting all the electronics to talk to one another

Limitless has a number of electronic systems for measuring data about our environment that are useful for safety and performance.  Each has its purpose and reason for being on the boat.  Here’s a quick summary of some of the key components:

  • NKE instruments
  • Garmin chart plotter
  • Vesper AIS system
  • VHF Radio
  • SSB
  • Satellite phone

Dustin at Fox Marine (shop located at KKMI in Point Richmond) is helping make everything talk to one another, so the chart plotter, wind instruments, depth sounder and AIS all can coordinate together for a complete picture of how the boat is doing at any given moment.  He’s also helping to get everything fused and wired correctly for safety.

Fox Marine

PacCup Inspection for Limitless – Passed!

We prepped everything for inspecting and passed our Pacific Cup safety inspection (with a couple of minor homework assignments).  Michael did a great job of checking everything over and also sharing some useful tips that would help make it a better trip for us on the way over and back.  Limitless is now ready for finishing the last projects before we leave in less than 2 weeks!

Preparing Limitless for her safety inspection tomorrow

Preparing the boat for getting inspected tomorrow (Wednesday) at Richmond Yacht Club by Michael Caplan.  Lots to do!

Limitless getting weighed and measured at Berkeley Marine Center

Limitless needed to get her PHRF and ORR certificates, which means getting weighed and measured. Came in right at factory specifications!

Delivering Limitless to the Bay Area from Southern California

Starting out in her home harbor of San Pedro, California, team Limitless worked together to bring the boat up north to the Bay Area for weighing, measuring and inspection in preparation for the start of the Pacific Cup 2016 race.

Shawn and Bryan delivered her to Santa Barbara, where Gabriel joined the crew after a one-day delay due to needing to check on the engine.  From Santa Barbara the next stop was Morro Bay, where Bryan got off the boat in order to make it back home in time for his wife’s birthday.  Shawn and Gabriel then set off for the 26 hour trip from Morro Bay to Santa Cruz.  After arriving in Santa Cruz and refueling and relaxing for a few hours, they then made the final push from Santa Cruz to Berkeley, leaving at 0430 in the morning, successfully arriving Sunday evening in time for the weigh-in to happen Monday morning.

Winds ranged from 3kt to 30+kt, averaging 20-25kt out of the northwest (i.e. directly on the nose).  Seas ranged from 2-3 foot waves to 9-12 foot waves.  Typical conditions for a delivery from southern California.

Gabriel making his way to Santa Barbara from Oakland

Meeting up with the boat in Santa Barbara, getting underway to Morro Bay

Next leg of the delivery: double-handing Limitless from Morro Bay to Santa Cruz – 98 nm

With enough fuel to make it to Santa Cruz, we set off from Morro Bay shortly after lunchtime.  Building pressure and winds means we don’t have a lot of time to spare before we need to get going again.

Delivering Limitless from Santa Cruz to Berkeley – Monday 6/20

The final leg of the trip was from Santa Cruz to Berkeley.  Traditionally this involves getting some rest, then leaving early in the morning (think 0400) to avoid some of the heavy winds and waves that can be found rounding the various points along the way.  This was again a wet and boisterous trip leading to spotting the Golden Gate Bridge and passing under on the way to Berkeley.  We got kind of emotional about that. 🙂

After all that, arrived successfully in Berkeley to a warm welcome and parked at Berkeley Yacht Club’s guest dock to prepare for weighing and measuring at Berkeley Marine Center the next morning.