Limitless is off to a great start!

Aloha! This blog comes to you from land and not sea. Look for Gabriel’s icon to the left for updates from the boat. Hold tight! They will blog when the boat and connection allow them to do so.

Limitless left the start line at Saint Francis Yacht Club the morning of Tuesday, July 12th at 11:25am. They were not the first boat over the line, but they tacked right after crossing and headed straight into the ebb flowing under the Golden Gate bridge. Anna Lisa (Gabriel’s mother) took a great video of the highly competitive Division C’s start line between the two yellow buoys. The link to the video is below. *Note: Limitless is hidden until you hear the gun go off and then their white sails peek out between the second black sail and the light silver sail; feel free to mute the peanut gallery 🙂

Watch start line video here

Here are some pictures from shore (SFYC) of the start line:

Limitless’s navigator Doug posted some great pictures during the start from the water:

I have been following the regatta’s tracker like a hawk. There is a six hour delay and the tracker updates about every hour. Last I checked Limitless is in first place for Division C, third for overall PHRF and third for the entire Pacific Cup race!!! Go Limitless!!!

Screen Shot 2016-07-13 at 5.13.07 PM

They are the little blue/green boat highlighted with the crown. Anyone who is positioned in a first place gets a little crown. If you would like to follow the tracker, click here and click on boat name Limitless in the alpha box to the left. When you click on the little boat icon it will tell you the name of the boat, boat information and at the bottom of the box you get to see their standings. If you are new to racing and don’t understand how the boats are handicapped, click here and it might help.

Stay tuned!