Limitless is going strong!

This comes to you from the Bay Area with updates from the crew at sea.

If you haven’t checked your tracker recently, Limitless is doing really good. I mean, really good. The boat continues to hold first in their division and last night they moved from 3rd to 2nd in both PHRF and the entire Pacific Cup regatta. Go guys and gal, go!!!

Doug (the navigator) sent an update to his wife Minda yesterday. They were flying the A3 kite and the boat was pretty wet below. “Most of the systems work most of the time, and when they don’t it is a source of continual frustration.” He was in and out of retrieving weather updates due to the sat phone working intermittently. “So while we know we are doing well with good daily runs, we don’t know what the standings are yet!”

So yeah, basically as of yesterday the boat doesn’t know how damn good they’re doing 🙂

Here are some pics from the dock last Tuesday for friends and family to enjoy: